Special occasions call for a menu that truly represents what the celebration is all about, and our experienced team of staff knows how unique offerings can truly make a difference.

So, for Christmas, Halloween, and similar special celebrations, we offer a unique seasonal menu that is different from our regular ones.

Variety is the key to pleasing all in attendance and giving them a dining experience fit for the season.

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Special Winter Warmers 2019Fare

Special Winter Warmers 2019 Fare

Special Winter Warmers 2019 Fare

Great food, wonderful celebrations

Food is at the centre of any occasion, seasonal or otherwise. We put the same amount of effort and focus in delivering high-quality catering services for any event, but we do a little more with our seasonal special menu. After all, some treats are only fit for certain occasions.

Baked leg ham and roast turkey breast, anyone?

We want your experience to be exciting, satisfying, and unique, and the best way to deliver is through our seasonal special menu.

More than this, we want to provide you with new culinary adventures while preserving your fondest childhood memories through food selections you can easily attach to a specific season.

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Entertain without the hassle

Book our unique seasonal special menu and you won’t have to worry about the china crockery, stainless steel cutlery, or napkins. We’ll provide all the necessary catering equipment as well as fully uniformed and qualified food service staff so the only thing you need to think about is to entertain, have fun, and be merry.

Want to celebrate Christmas in July? Let Aussie Catering provide you with a mouth-watering spread fit for a special season of celebration.

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